Advisory Services

Full Service for Your Financial Growth

Our firm has strategic partnerships with some of the biggest & smallest yet most respected companies in each industry.  By working with our team of professionals, our clients benefit greatly from having their very own “Financial Power Team” that provides each of our clients access to a “one- stop shop” for all things financial or business related.

Crypto Currency Advisory

Protect Your Brand

Looking for comprehensive asset protection? We've got you covered! Our team will handle the process to trademark your IP and Tech from start to finish.

Access To Capital

Our vast network of venture capitalists and private equity partners can provide your venture with the capital it needs to thrive.

Glue That Binds

Access to an expert team for Blockchain Technology Consulting, Asset Protection, and more.

Plan For The Tax Man

Schedule a consultation with our CPAs to make the most of tax breaks and incentives or better organize your finances. We help you reduce your risk while maximizing your positions.

Subscription Services

Executive Benefits

We can help design employee benefits such as medical reimbursement plans, educational assistance programs, tiered fringe benefits. We help you use more of the business resources to provide benefits to you, your family, and your staff.

Corporate Structuring & Holding Companies

LLCs, partnerships, S Corps, C Corps all have their place and what works today might not work tomorrow. We project your needs and remain nimble to making improvements to your long term strategy through ongoing consultations.